Joe Finger, Finger Oil & Gas - Castroville, Texas

"I have known Tim since he stumbled into San Antonio doing job interviews. Tim has, over the years, exhibited an energetic personality along with the ethics and integrity to make an extraordinary petroleum geologist. He has unselfishly dedicated a considerable amount of time to all of the local oil and gas professional associations. He has made these organizations better,  ushering them in to the 21st-century. Tim has helped me out with several projects over the years and I have come to know him as a very knowledgeable geologist and geophysicist. It is rare to find one person well-versed in both disciplines."

Scott Brown, Valor Exploration - San Antonio, Texas

"I look for three primary characteristics when searching for a Geological Consultant – Geological experience, a strong work ethic, and personal integrity. Tim McGovern has demonstrated all of these attributes. As a younger Geologist, Tim has a very unique skillset. He has experience with the newest technology in finding oil and gas and his family background in geology provides Tim with a unique perspective that most young Geologists today simply do not have."

Patrick Talamas, Sanchez Oil & Gas - San Antonio, Texas

"I worked with Tim for approximately two years.  Tim is an energetic geologist with excellent mapping skills.  I found him to be creative and willing to apply all data types to his geological/geophysical interpretation.  He is an accomplished prospector and is also very good at evaluating other people’s work."

Bruce Gates, Ageron Energy, LLC - San Antonio, Texas

“ I have worked with Tim and Chelsea several times over the years and they both have exhibited an intense enthusiasm and a desire to perform at the highest level. They have both been trained by very experienced geologist and mastered the techniques of the trade using the fundamental data and tools without the need of a computer to accomplish their goals.  Nothing is more refreshing then a young person making calculations and interpretations with a pencil and paper. They are a step ahead because they have learned to incorporate the newest technology to maximize their work flow while actually understanding the data inputs  so they can QUALITY CONTROL the outputs.  I would recommend both to anyone that is looking for a serious and conscientious geoscientist.”

Barney Dishron, AWP Operating - San Antonio, Texas

"AWP Operating Company has been associated with Tim for several years on South Texas projects. His work is very detailed and concise. From log evaluation and subsurface mapping to 3D interpretation and complete prospect generation, he can be a valuable asset to any company or team.”

David Olney, Pay Zone Mud Logging - Corpus Christi Texas

"My name is David Olney and I own a company call Pay Zone Mud Logging.  I have worked with Tim McGovern in the past he is a very knowledgeable geologist and I have enjoyed working with him in the past. I would very much considering hiring him to work for me he is a dedicated individual with a lot of knowledge."